Engineered with purpose, our scout dining canopy is simply secure, durable, water resistant, and substantial. Enjoy a 10 ft x 20 ft space of refuge for community gatherings and meals.

Scout 600D Dining Canopy Features

600D Fabric

Materials Matter

Built with heavy duty 600 denier polyester our Dining Canopy is a long term investment in shaded community. Our fabric is durable and water resistant, keeping happy campers dry and comfortable while extending the life of your dining canopy. Choose from navy, royal, or silver.

Scout Dining Canopy

More the Merrier

Bring on the outdoorsmen, campers, family, friends, and friends of friends. We built this scout dining canopy large and in charge. Our canopy boasts a 10 ft x 20 ft capacity allowing more laughs, more celebrations, and more daily community meals.

Steel Frame For Scout Dining Canopy

Engineered for Ease

Purposefully engineered to leave the guy lines at home. Metal hooks and adjustable webbing secure your scout dining canopy to the frame.

Scout Dining Canopy


This is generational for us. Since 1881 Diamond Brand Gear has been committed to creating high quality USA made camping and hiking gear. With a strong passion in scouting and a long relationship with camps, we are dedicated and continue to be dedicated to building products you can trust, use, and love.

Built in the Carolina Mountains

Built in the Carolina Mountains


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Taking care of your gear is fairly simple.  Follow these guidelines to provide the best care for your adventure buddy.  To maintain and often extend the lifetime of your pack, always dry it after use in wet weather or cleaning, and always before storing.  Between uses, store it in cool, dry, and well-ventilated areas.



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