Outfitted for travel, the Double Take gear bag is built to carry your essentials with versatility and ease. Durable construction, paired with fabrics that are meant to endure a beating, the Double Take will be your next lifelong adventure bag. Interchangeable Chilly Insulated Bags will keep your items cool and secure, while multiple attachment points allow you to throw it over your shoulder, hook it up to your bike, or strap it to your pack. Pick and choose your outer shell with inner Chilly Bag for a unique look.

The Double Take Features

D Ring

Fabric Matters

Design is only as strong as the fabric. We like to be tough on our gear, it means we are probably having a rowdy good time. That is why it is imperative we pick and choose fabrics that are built to last. Choose from a 14 oz. Martexin Waxed Canvas, 1000D Nylon Cordura w/ Urethane coating & durable water repellent finish, an eco friendly Upcycled tent fabric, or a sunbrella acrylic w/ 50% recycled material.

Maroon Double Take

Build Your Own Gear

Be choosy, we encourage it. Select your outer shell, inner Chilly Bag, and extra accessories for hooking your pack up. Or just pick one! Gear should not be limiting, and creating your own piece is a fun and easy way to build your own gear bag.

Maroon Double Take

Attachment Issues Solved

Usually being too attached is a bad thing, but not for this bag. Multiple points of attachment will allow you to strap it on and go, wherever your excursion is taking you!  A couple of options include an over the shoulder strap, an opportunity to hook up to your two-wheel friend, or strap it on to an existing larger pack.

Bottle Opener

Simple and Smart Design

Keeping it open for possibilities. The outer shell boasts a large opening, allowing you maximum space in a compact form. The closure has multiple latching points, depending on how large of a load you are holding. The closure moonlights as a beer opener, so bring the party and crack a cold one!

Built in the Carolina Mountains

Built in the Carolina Mountains


Dimensions 7″ (H) x 12″ (W) x 5″ (D)
Capacity 6 1/2 L
Weight 8 oz

Fabrics Recycled Sunbrella; upcycled canvas wall tents, 14 oz waxed canvas; 1000 denier, nylon Cordura; 9 oz polyester / cotton canvas
Hardware Anodized aluminum; powder-coated metal
Other NA


10 oz canvas; 200 denier, coated nylon; mylar with needle-punched, Therma-polyester batting

Hardware Adjustable side release snap closure
Other NA


Taking care of your gear is fairly simple.  Follow these guidelines to provide the best care for your adventure buddy.  To maintain and often extend the lifetime of your pack, always dry it after use in wet weather or cleaning, and always before storing.  Between uses, store it in cool, dry, and well-ventilated areas.



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