My tent, vintage 1982

 In Fun with Vintage Gear

Dear Diamond Brand,

Here is a photo of my tent I bought in 1982 or 83. It finally started to leak in 2017, and it was a steady, hard, all-night downpour. I had taken really good care of it, and went for a period of years when I didn’t camp very much. Still, this pic was taken in about 2008 or so, and the old gal still looked–and functioned–great! I’d give my eye-teeth to have this exact same model. I don’t suppose you could bring it back, could you? The inner body of the tent was all fabric, not mesh. Much warmer for the climate and conditions I camp in than the mesh models. I live in Alaska, so the summers are not overly hot. Even so, both ends of the tent opened wide, with mesh screens, and that really helped on the occasional hot day.


A Loyal Diamond Brand Gear Customer


UPDATE! We are currently working on a tent directly inspired by this model for release in Fall 2018! STAY TUNED!