our craft is the trade of sewing high quality durable gear with artistry and skill


Together we explore the limits of fabric to craft durable outdoor gear with passion, creativity and pride.



we value real relationships

We recognize relationships are challenging; we will work together with kindness, humility, and support; while we may face difficulties, we will encourage, care, and laugh together.

Good relationships start with setting expectations. Our customers, partners, and employees should expect us to communicate clearly, manufacture high quality products and meet those expectations.

we value simple approaches

Above all else, we are fabric craftspeople;  we craft our gear with an eye for continuous improvement, creativity, and simplicity.

We strive for the safety of our employees while driving quality of our products delivering on time to drive the long term health of our company.

We embrace the idea of micro-innovation, having the belief that small changes lead to big ideas.

We value our past and own our future.  In collaboration with others, we aspire to blend the old and the new, the traditional and the contemporary.

we value community commitment

We are all active members of many communities; we have a strong sense of duty and will fulfill our roles with courage, humility, and care, serving our industry partners, colleagues, customers, and neighbors.

Our destiny was once lost, but now it’s found.  We will be a domestic manufacturer, employing our neighbors and veterans without discrimination; drawing inspiration from our country, region and hometown.



Above all else we are fabric craftspeople.

We have the experience and resourcefulness to solve problems and create customized products for our customers. We work with a wide range of materials from traditional to innovative fabrics, from durable and heavy to high performance and ultra-lightweight. From experience, we find the most efficient ways to cut, design, and join fabrics together.  We have implemented LEAN Manufacturing principles making it even easier to explore ways to add customization or personalization to our products.  In addition, we upcycle Diamond Brand Gear materials for new and creative uses.