our Inspirations are the high expectations of our customers, the limitless creativity of our hometown, and the rich history of our company


We are inspired by our customers' desire for quality and creative solutions.

Our customers are diverse but united by a desire for the most dependable products and the highest quality craftsmanship  They range from the U.S. Army and Marine Corps to leading designers and innovators in outdoor gear to individuals who appreciate craftsmanship.  We are inspired to push new fabric, sewing, and manufacturing technologies in collaboration with key customers, suppliers, and innovative partners that share our mission and values.

We are proud to supply our military.

We have manufactured tents for the United States' military for over 100 years.  Everything we craft is Made in the U.S.A. and Berry Amendment compliant.  In fact, if you are a veteran and are looking for a new employment opportunity, click below to see our current openings and contact us if any of them interest you.

Indebted to our troops

As a country we are indebted to our troops, past and present.  As a company we are proud to provide the most durable and dependable shelters possible for them.


Why are we here?

Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina, Asheville is a vibrant community of artists, musicians, chefs and entrepreneurs. It is also the home for designers, craftspeople and individuals that enjoy outdoor activities, making it the perfect place to design and manufacture unique, creative, and high quality gear.

We proudly support

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We are inspired to build on our history and to innovate.

Established in Philadelphia in 1881, Diamond Brand Gear is a 136 year-old company.  With a history of reliability and innovation, we first supplied our military dating back to WWI and WWII.  In 1931, we manufactured the very first backpack for the Boy Scouts.  In the 1970s, we designed the popular lightweight camping tent, the Free Spirit.  Innovation continues today with the introduction of Craft Gear.


First Established

american_beaverDiamond Brand was first established in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1881 as a distributor of fur and feathers.  The business later moved to New York and the name was changed to the New York Drop Cloth Company.  The name "Diamond Brand" derived from the fact that canvas was graded and stamped with a brand according to quality and the "Diamond Brand" was an indication of first quality goods.


The Scouts, WWI and WWII

scout-packDiamond Brand contract manufactured the first backpack for the Boy Scouts of America. In WWI and WWII, the company manufactured everything from tents to leggings to rucksacks.


Outdoor Products

history-tentDiamond Brand becomes a leader in the outdoor industry by manufacturing high quality backpacks and tents for its own brand and for companies like REI, The North Face and L.L. Bean.  Diamond Brand Camping Center opens in Naples, NC.


Military Tents

two-man-tentDiamond Brand works directly with U.S. Army Natick Soldier Systems Center to develop Soldier Crew Tent, taking first significant step to becoming a military contractor.


New Contracts, New Facility

marine-combat-tentDiamond Brand wins new military contract to produce U.S. Marine Corps Combat Tent. Increases contract manufacturing to specialty defense and outdoor customers. Moves to current 82,500 square foot facility in Fletcher, NC.


A New Era

13043384_1048548808525350_7431390223782995203_nDiamond Brand Gear is formed to continue manufacturing for the military and the outdoor industry but also to bring back vintage Diamond Brand products.