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Do it for the Community

As members of the Craft Gear Community, you mean everything to us. Some of you are really in the thick of it, others may feel completely lost. Just remember: the challenges facing our way of life are a thing to overcome, as with every other obstacle in life. We don’t always overcome these challenges alone, so we wanted to throw out a lifeline.

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Purchase Update

Pay What You Can

Our new Community Deals program allows you to name your price for durable outdoor gear that’s made in the Carolina Mountains. If you do happen to be in the more fortunate camp, this is an opportunity for you to be a hero for your friends in need that are further down the mountain. So check it out. We hope our community can come together to embrace this adventure, while gearing up for the next one.

Community Hero Badge

Community Hero: You’re one of the fortunate ones during this crisis. Pitch in by paying a little extra while still getting a steal on some sweet gear.

Friend In Need Badge

Friend in Need: When hard times hit you deserve something that will get you through the storm and be there for years to come.

Gear Enthusiast Badge

Gear Enthusiast: Don’t fit either of the other camps? It’s all good. There’s a place for you, too, buddy.

Great Outdoor Gear Never Goes Out of Style

All the gear we are offering as Community Deals are first quality, but only available in limited quantities.

Shipping charges will be $8.95 for smaller items and $29.95 for larger items. Orders of more than one item will be shipped at the highest applicable rate for a single item in your cart. 

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