Michael AtkinsProcurement

    Meet Michael Atkins.

    As our Procurement Manager, Michael can be found just about anywhere in our manufacturing facility. With over 10 years experience in shipping and receiving at various local businesses, Michael is our go-to guy for all our purchasing needs. He is a local to these Carolina mountains, growing up in Waynesville. While he has traveled and lived in some the best outdoor adventure locations like Yosemite Valley and the Florida Keys, he made his way back to Asheville in 2007.  Michael enjoys getting outdoors with his wife, daughter, and two dogs.

    Why are you here, what are you doing here anyway?

    What I love most about Diamond Brand Gear is our hands-on approach and dedication to manufacturing high quality and durable outdoor gear. I also enjoy having the ability to add my ideas and outdoor experiences into crafting new DBG gear!

    “Never have I ever……”

    Been backpacking in Europe.

    “Oh yes I have….”

    Swam with sharks in the Florida Keys, backpacked the High Sierras in CA, jumped off a 60 foot cliff into a lake, and hiked the North Carolina section of Appalachian Trail.