Michelle FitchettMarketing

    Meet Michelle Fitchett.

    With a passion for organic farming, Michelle helped found an organic vegetable farm in the Asheville, NC area in 2011. Quickly learning the importance of marketing and branding in any type of business, she began to focus on this aspect, as well as the day to day operations of the farm and office. Launching her own successful eCommerce company as well in 2012, she grew this business through social media marketing and online advertising. She has consulted and worked with clients in building their companies through marketing and advertising, with a specific focus on growing sales.

    When not in front of the computer working, Michelle can usually be found on the trails mountain biking with friends or hiking to waterfalls with her husband and 3 kids.

    Why are you here, what are you doing here anyway?  

    My goal here at Diamond Brand is to help tell the story and get the message out about the high-quality outdoor gear that we make right here in the Carolina Mountains. With a passion for the outdoors and for locally made, eco-friendly products, Diamond Brand is a perfect fit for me. I’m excited to market products that I believe in.