What is Upcycling? (Our Approach to Sustainability)

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Sustainability has always been at the root of what we do, whether we’re keeping manufacturing local, using LEAN manufacturing techniques, or upcycling old materials. From our stylish Double Take to our versatile Belay Bag, many of our products breathe new life into familiar fabrics.

What is Upcycling?

We define upcycling as reusing discarded materials to create a new product. Whereas recycling must first break down a discarded material before transforming it into something new, upcycling does not require the dismantling of a cast off material before giving it new life. Upcycling, therefore, saves both energy and further resources.

In 2015, roughly 137.7 million tons of waste, including roughly 10.5 million tons of textiles, filled U.S.landfills. Though 75% of U.S. waste is recyclable, only around 30% of it actually is recycled. Not only does upcycling cut back on this waste, but for every ton of discarded textiles upcycled, 20 tons of CO2 is prevented from entering the atmosphere.

Many of our products are constructed of canvas upcycled from our famed Wall Tents, a staple at most Boy Scouts of America camps. These Semi-permanent outdoor shelters feature the highest quality materials and innovative engineering–a quality and durability that can now be found in our upcycled bags and packs.

Speaking of Wall Tents…Be sure to keep an eye out in 2019! We will be releasing a new line of Wall Tents, inspired by our legendary Scouting tents. Tested in the harshest of elements and through decades of manufacturing, these canvas tents will be available for summer camps and scout camps directly from Diamond Brand Gear.

Our Upcycled Products

Double Take: Designed to carry your cold beverages and other goodies with versatility and ease, our Double Take and Double Take Tall keep your drinks and snacks cool and secure throughout the day. Just toss some ice packs into the interchangeable chilly bags! The upcycled canvas exterior is wide enough for your favorite six-pack (original) and tall enough for your favorite bottle of wine (Tall).

Messenger Bag: Committed to durability, without compromising style, the Messenger Bag is a modern take on the gear bag. Roomy enough to pile in your laptop, water bottle, notebook, and more, yet comfortable enough to tote around town on the way to the office, the Messenger Bag comes in a water repellent and flame retardant upcycled version.

Belay Bag: Inspired by our original daypack launched in the ‘80s, our updated Belay Bag uses upcycled materials and features a laptop sleeve and front pockets large enough to store a 32 oz. water bottle, thermos, wine bottle or growler–perfect for a day hike and trip to the local brewery! The Belay’s inside pockets are upcycled from our Freedome 2 1/2 tent fabric.

The Compack: The Compack is the perfect size for your laptop or other odds and ends. Slip it inside a pack or add customizable shoulder straps and carry it on its own. The upcycled style is perfect for busy commuters, urban adventurers, and on-the-go travelers!
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