For those who do it for the sake of the adventure, we salute you. When it comes to Overlanding, the journey is the purpose. Our broad variety of shelters are here to support your plans for long-term travel in remote locations, making it easier for you to focus on honing your skills and learning about the wild world around you. From canvas wall tents to support a bigger party or a longer encampment to camping tents that can be pitched or packed in a pinch, we’ve got the tools you need to embrace your overland adventure. With options for full mesh bodies that allow you to take in the grandeur of the landscape and sky to flys that will safeguard you against the harshest elements, we’ve got your back on any journey you choose.

We are currently in development on a roof top tent, so feel free to reach out to us with any questions you might have at info@diamondbrandgear.com