Hold your canvas wall tent up with confidence. Our specifically engineered galvanized steel frames provide the support you demand season after season. Easy to assemble, portable, and built to fit just right, these semi-permanent frames will keep your tent happy outdoors for years to come. Or explore your bushcrafting skills and choose a DIY wood frame kit, where we will provide instructions and limited parts to build your own structure. All made in the USA and guaranteed by Diamond Brand Gear.

Wall Tent Frames Feature List

Galvanized Steel Frame for Scout Canvas Wall Tent

Easily Assembled

We make it easy on you, on purpose. Straightforward and intuitive, our steel frames can be assembled in under 10 minutes with one person. If you still need a little assistance or encouragement check out our support videos or drop us a line.

Galvanized Steel Frame for Scout Canvas Wall Tent

Built to Last, Made To Go

Our galvanized steel frames are the right choice when your outdoor adventures demand only the best and most durable. The galvanized steel option will handle the most punishing conditions year after year. You have the option to secure to a platform for a semi-permanent structure, or be able to pack it up and go. This frame is transportable from camp to valley to storage.

Galvanized Steel Frame for Scout Canvas Wall Tent

Specifically Engineered

Purposefully built for your specific Diamond Brand Gear Canvas Wall Tent. By manufacturing locally we are able to design a frame that fits like glove to your preferred size of tent. Swedged tubing allows a snug fit with a simple slide. Our tight handle of what works and what the needs are for a successful frame has lead to this top of the line design.

DIY Wood Frame For Scout Canvas Wall Tent

DIY Wood Frame

We know the satisfaction of making it yourself, in fact it drives our business, creating. Build your own wood frame for your tent for a minimal and less permanent frame. We provide you with all the tools (down to the drill bit) and an instructional manual supported by videos to bushcraft your own frame.

Built in the Carolina Mountains

Built in the Carolina Mountains


Packaged Weight: x Trail Weight: x
Packed Size: x Peak Height: x
Floor Size: x Floor Area: x
Vestibule Size: x Vestibule Area: x
Capacity: x Freestanding: x
Warranty Absolutely
Components Included x
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Taking care of your gear is fairly simple.  Follow these guidelines to provide the best care for your adventure buddy.  To maintain and often extend the lifetime of your tent, always dry it after use in wet weather or cleaning, and always before storing.  Between uses, store it in cool, dry, and well-ventilated areas.